KR CNC gear selector 4-gear- Vespa WF , 4-gear- GS150 / GS3

The KR CNC Gear Selector is coming around the corner with various new features.

- Satter detent points without using a stronger spring.

- Shift gate replaced by LF technology

- Positive connection between shift shaft and shift arm

- Hardened shift arm

- Replaceable hardened shift block

- dimensionally accurate CNC-milled housing

Safe and clean shifting operations are guaranteed. The product for the demanding wideframe rider who is tired of questionable aftermarket parts and likes to change gears at will, but doesn't want to worry about the shift detent. Due to the large tolerances in engine blocks, gearboxes, adjustments may be necessary.


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Mainshaft Wideframe

The matching main shaft to the available components, which today also develop their performance in the Wideframe engine. Equipped with the eroded polygon.
The slotted bush has been fitted with a needle bearing.

  •     Runs perfectly round
  •     High precision manufacturing
  •     Top surface finish
  •     Fits 20mm bearings

This main shaft is a tribute to the wideframe scene. It fits on most, very old Vespas, often Faro-Basso, built by Piaggio in Italy up to approx. 1954/55. In other countries with licensed production, such as Spain, this drive shaft was also used in later engines.

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Overrev 60mm piston (by Wössner)

All possible piston sizes are available from motorbike accessories. Only with 60mm bore have there been only 1-2 candidates with various disadvantages.
The Overrev 60mm piston closes this gap - it is a high-quality replacement for the Rotax Polini piston.
Manufactured by Wössner, this piston with its one piston ring centred over the boost port is a welcome upgrade for all Parmakit Wforce, Quattrini M160, Polini Rotax, Falc 60 cylinders and will certainly be the basis for various tuning projects. This piston can rightly call itself "State of the Art".
A special feature of this piston: two piston pins are included. These have different lengths and two grooves are machined into the piston. The inner grooves are used for the short piston pin. The outer grooves are used for the longer pin. The idea here is to be able to change the balance factor of the crankshaft.

Ring position: 90° to the piston pin (centred above the boost port)
Piston pin: 15mm
Compression height: 29mm
Piston crown crown: 3mm
Shirt length: 64.5mm
Nominal dimension: 59.94mm
Piston pin lengths: 45mm and 50mm
Weight with short pin: 199g
Weight with long pin: 205g

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