KR CNC fuel tap

CNC fuel tap suitable for large frames, small frames and all other Vesparollers with straight fuel tap.
Outlet turnable to allow a direct routing in direction of the carburetor. Base body and rotating element for the connection of the fuel tap lever milled from aluminium. Inner diameter of all bores at least 6mm
Flow rate maximum 2L/min with vertical outlet.
Flow rate in PX configuration 1L/min also in reserve mode until the tank is completely empty.
The tap has two closed positions (0° and 270°).
All seals are made of FKM / Viton. The seal between tank and cock is doubled. The rotary element is equipped with an O-ring and flat seal.

Diameter of the fuel hose 8mm!

 ( KR0029 )


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Fuel filter suitable for CNC fuel tap

The perfect complement for the fuel tap.
Without flow reduction and not inline but self-cleaning with special filter fleece directly integrated into the tank. Easy installation with the fuel tap wrench. If cleaning is necessary, the filter can be removed from the nut (magnetic) with long-nosed pliers and cleaned under the tap. Afterwards the filter can be put on the steel nut again with the magnets.

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Fuel hose with wire insert = 8mm


- suitable for our petrol tap and for Mikuni carburettors

- 8mm inner diameter

- 14mm outer diameter

- 1m length

- suitable for petrol (E5 and E10)

- three-ply PVC and wire inlay

- UV-resistant

- flexible and yet kink-resistant

- Colour transparent transparent

- duration Operating pressure max 5Bar

- for temperatures from -20°C to +70°C


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ABA Hose clamp Clamping range 8-14mm

"Hose clamp ABA, width 9 mm, galvanized steel"

The hose clamps from ABA made of galvanized material are equipped with a newly designed housing, which ensures even tensioning force and secure guidance of the band. The short housing saddle, in the typical blue colour, also ensures optimum contact pressure on the hose. The new generation of clamps offers a tensioning force reserve, prevents sudden breakage and ensures a reliable and tight connection. In addition, the smooth inside of the band and the rounded edges are very gentle on the hose and also ensure a tight connection. The versatile ABA Nova is the ideal choice for smaller hose diameters.


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Stand extended 25mm

Stand extended for the main stand.
For conversions from 3.00"-10 tires to 3.50"-10 the length of the main stand is no longer sufficient. With these stands, the issue is done. A safe stand with sufficient air between front wheel and ground.
The same applies to conversions of vehicles from 8 to 10 inches, also here fit the 25mm longer stand feet.


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