Vape ignition with external Pick Up for CNC engine

The ignition convinces by its extremely high performance data.
Due to the external pick-up it is possible to place another light coil on the inner ring.
This ignition fits only to our KR-CNC engine.


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adjustment block for Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Serie 2-3), DL, GP

The matching adjusting block to the other adjusters on the motor from KR-Automation.
With the standard setting block for the clutch cable and the gear cables, one of the cables for the gearshift can only be reached with the clutch cable disconnected.
With the KR adjustment block, the outer shell position is changed so that all three cables can be reached equally well.

The article is delivered with mounting screws and 3x M7 adjusting screw.


Stellblock für Kupplung und Schaltzüge Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Serie 2-3), DL, GP - Alu Elox

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CNC Lambretta engine cover

CNC milled engine cover, suitable for KR CNC Lambretta engine.
With minor adjustments also fits on original block. On an original case this component provides a significant stiffening of the engine block.


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KR CNC Lambretta Motor

Our KR CNC Lambretta engine block comes around the corner with several new features. The complete intake structure has been completely redesigned. The inlet is located directly above the crankshaft, ensuring perfect flushing of all ball bearings. A large 8-flap diaphragm is used, which is often supplied with fresh gas by a 35mm or 38mm carburetor. The concept is a Simonini 230/270 cylinder, but the cylinder base offers enough space to fit other cylinders.
All ball and needle bearings are pre-assembled, there are no slide bearings anymore.
Up to 72mm stroke is planned.
From our point of view this engine block leaves nothing to be desired. Basically all components can be taken from an original engine.
Once again the facts summarized:

  • Crankcase can be split in the middle-> no threading of the crankshaft via the maghousing
  • Wide crankshaft with significantly more overlap -> never again twisted crank webs
  • Large cylinder base sealing surface -> foreign cylinders can be mounted without problems
  • Larger housing surface for the gearbox cover plate
  • High strength aluminium
  • Reinforcement of the kick starter guide
  • Larger sealing surface for the engine cover
  • Shift shaft needle bearing with shaft sealing ring
  • Reinforced engine suspension


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KR CNC crankshaft for CNC Lambretta engine

The suitable crankshaft for the KR CNC engine.
hard facts:

- 132 mm connecting rod
- 64 mm stroke
- 22 mm eye top for 18 mm piston pin
- Material 16MnCr5; 1.1mm Case hardened, ground
- Press force over 10 tons
- Balanced to 33% (ideal for horizontal cylinders)

Due to the extreme width and the large diameter of the stringers, tungsten weights can be dispensed with.
Suitable for Simonini Evo2.
Attention, does not fit for original cases!


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