Crankshaft QUATTRINI M200 (for Quattrini C200 cases) - 56,5mm stroke, 116mm connecting rod (KR0058)

Crankshaft Quattrini extra wide, con rod 116mm (Samarin)

stroke: 56,5mm

Connecting rod bearing 16x20x19

crank diameter: Ø91mm

Crankshaft width (bearing -> bearing): 48,0 -0,1mm

bearing: 25mm

shaft seal: 24mm

Cone: PK XL

Thread Lima M12x1,25

Thread Drive M12x1.5

After 2 years of successful testing on the long distance (24h race in Spain) we decided to build the crankshaft in series. An absolute power product from our company. Balanced with 3 internal tungsten weights.

( KR0058 )

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Piston Overrev Quattrini M200

Every Quattrini M200 Driver knows about the price of the replacement Quattrini pistons.

After successfully making a replacement piston for Polini-Rotax 60mm we startet developing a piston for Quattrini M200 that supposed to ease the life, not the wallet of every user.


Our piston is also mady by Woessner, just like the original Quattrini, but has some new features included:


  • Ringposition: Between boostport and secondary transfer of the M200 Cylinder (same as original M200)
  • Pinsize: 16mm (same as original M200), length 56.2mm (little longer than original M200)
  • Skirt longer than original M200 -  less rattling, better positioning of the piston in the cylinder
  • Only one ring (no breaking of the piston between the rings possible)
  • Pin off centered for mechanical load improvement and less rattling.
  • Compression height: 31,5mm (1.5mm more than original M200, so no need to modify casing or cylinder anymore when using original parts - just use 1.5mm gasket or as you wish to adjust cylinder-timings)
  • Roof: same as original M200
  • Diameter: 66.94mm (same as original M200)
  • Weight: 265g


The piston will be delivered with a second spare pistonring and a second set of pin-clips. You won't get that anywhere else.


kolben m200 by overrev

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Overrev 60mm piston (by Wössner)

All possible piston sizes for tuning Vespa smallframes are available in the motobike catalogue. The only gap was to be found at 60mm bore.

But this gap is now closed by the Overrev 60mm piston - it is a highend replacement for the Rotax Polini piston.

Manufactured by Wössner in Germany, this piston is a masterpiece. It has only one piston ring with its location pin in the middle of the boostport. This piston is a superb upgrade for any Parmakit Wforce, Quattrini M160, Polini Rotax, Falc 60 cylinder and sure will be the basis for a few tuning projects.


A specialitiy about this piston: The delivery scope contains two wristpins. A light and short pin and a longer, heavier version. The piston has two clip grooves each side - for the shot pin, you are using the inner grooves, for the longer pin you will use the outer grooves. The idea is, to change the balancing factor of the crankshaft with very little measure.


Ring position: 90° to the piston pin (central over the inlet)

Piston pin: 15mm

Compression height: 29mm

Piston dome height: 3mm

Piston length (without dome height):  64.5mm

Exact diameter: 59.94mm

Piston pin length: 45mm und 50mm

Weight, with the short pin: 199g

Weight, with the longer pin: 205g


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Conversion set PK XL2 -engine to 2-gear change cables

The desire for a backlash-free conversion kit for the use of single-wire engines in double-wire frames has motivated us to design this kit.

With this kit it is easy to use the XL2 motor e.g. in a Primavera without having to sacrifice the switching accuracy or the sealed switching shaft of the 1-pull motor.

The scope of delivery includes everything you need until the engine is ready for use. Only a longer 8mm drill is needed to drill the hole for the inner cable and a 4.2mm drill with M5 tap.
Recommendation: Order our cranked brake arm at the same time to create some space between the conversion kit and the conventional brake arm.
Under Downloads you will find step by step installation instructions.
( KR0023 )

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Rear brake operating lever with cam for conversion set.

Since most of the original brake arms have to be slightly adjusted and slightly bent, we have the matching brake arm, which is already cranked to fit.

( KR0037 )

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gearing segment PK XL2; 1Zug; short shift

The specific transmission parts of PK models with only one shift cable (XL2/HP models) are no longer manufactured by Piaggio. The equally stable and precise linkage of the gear shift claw is also preferred by professionals in racing.
This component is made of stainless steel and is vibratory ground.
Due to the different bores, shorter and longer shifting distances can be achieved at will.

( KR0003 )

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Rotary slide valve intake manifold PK carburettor 30mm (into the jaw)

( KR0006 )

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CNC grear selector fork for single wire engines

This part is a reinforced replacement for the original "XL2" retractable shift fork. The shifting clearance is reduced. The problem of wearing out the thrust block guide, especially with reinforced shift springs or "racing claws" does not exist here.

The engine block has to be slightly adjusted for this massive shift fork, as shown in the photo.
The shift fork will be delivered as shown incl. the push blocks aka shifting blocks.

( KR0004 )

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Support original engine

Who doesn't know the problem: The broken cylinder base on smallframe motors, especially in combination with a spindle motor housing.
This CNC component counteracts exactly this problem. Through this massive milled part, the resulting force is diverted via several housing bolts and the cylinder neck is relieved.
Our tip for all smallframes above 25PS!

( KR0024 )

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Rotary seal 27x47x5

Made of PTFE bronze with dust lip resistant to mineral oil, petrol and ester-based lubricants.
Limiting speed 16.000 1/min.
High performance shaft seal with reduced friction and better abrasion resistance.
When we got our hands on this component, we agreed: A product that needs to be explained.
This rotary shaft seal is made of a much more resistant material than the well-known sealing rings (usually NBR or FKM). With our sealing ring, this lip is relatively hard - why? The rotary shaft seal is made of pure material, without the carrier material NBR underneath, filled with bronze, a special sintered material. Be sure that the component works, but please refrain from working on the lip with your finger or watching what happens when you touch the lip with your fingernail.

( KR0040 )

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Cover for water pump of quattrini housing

To close the - often unused - water pump flange on the Quattrini C1 + C2 housing we offer you this cover.
Hot tip: Leave out the plug in the engine and the Smallframe engine has a serious oil filling possibility!


Attention! The lid is delivered in raw condition (natural aluminium).

( KR0041 )

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Overrev wheelspacer

When installing a 3.50 inch wide tire on the rear wheel of a smallframe, space becomes a scarce commodity:
Either the rim slides on the clutch cover or the tire slides on the swingarm. Or both.
If there is only a small amount of friction, the solution often lies in the wheel spacers we offer: Put them on the brake drum, mount the rim and you're done.
The thickness is 1.5mm (so that the original centering still holds) the contour is based on the SF brake drum. Fits for Piaggio and tubeless rims.

( KR0042 )

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Overrev shock absorber springs for Smallframe

As soon as the engine power is above 15hp, one should think about using stronger shock absorber springs than the original ones.
The original shock absorber springs go on block at higher power and break sooner or later.
Our recommendation: Up to 35Nm engine torque 4x green springs should be used.
As soon as there is enough scale (Egig 250cc / M200 / foreign cylinder) we recommend 3x green and 1x brown.
ATTENTION: In most primary gears you have to create space for the springs by means of carbide cutters! In Crimaz or FAIO primary the springs fit plug + play

( KR0043 )
( KR0044 )

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Keihin - Nitrided steel mixing tube for 33 and 35 mm carburettors

Prevents the working out of the original brass mixing tubes, especially with small frames, where the intake path can be a bit longer.

( KR0018 )

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